Caroline Danielson

(913) 229-4550

More than 25 years of experience. B.A., M.A. in English, with emphasis in editing. Regularly use CMOS, APA, AMA, and other style books. Develop, rewrite, edit, and proofread from acquisition to publication. Ensure that my edits match your preferred style, and relentlessly hunt down and correct errors in logic, flow, and grammar. Prefer editing in Word with Track Changes, but also edit PDFs and some InDesign and Google Docs manuscripts.

Editing Services:
Copyediting, Developmental editing, Line editing, Proofreading, Series, Substantive, Technical
Writing Services:
Academic, Books, Content marketing, Journal, Magazine, Nonfiction, Rewriting, Technical and instructional
Other Services:
Editorial project management, Manuscript critique, Publicity and marketing, Style guide creation
Life sciences, business, engineering, medicine, addiction and recovery, world religions, advertising and marketing, Oriental medicine. Emphasis on standardized exams.
Fiction Genres:
Nonfiction Genres:
Academic, Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Business, Cookbooks, DIY/how-to, Self-help, Textbooks
Age Levels:
Pre-K, Early elementary, Middle grade, Young adult, New adult, Adult
End Products:
Textbooks, aessments,ss technical journal articles, technical manuals, engineering manuals, marketing materials, children’s books
Style Manuals:
American Chemical Society (ACS), American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA), Associated Press Stylebook (AP), Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), Council of Science Editors (CSE)
Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe InDesign, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Other Memberships:
ACES: The Society for Editing, Editorial Freelancers Association