CaTyra Polland

Love for Words

Love for Words is a book editing boutique. Love for Words is 100% committed to editing. Our sole focus is editing. You write, we edit.

Love for Words exists to support, mentor, and instill excellence in our clients. We understand the importance of working with professionals who understand, appreciate, and value your perspective, story, and wisdom. As a Black-owned boutique we cater to Black female entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the value of editing.

Love for Words provides authentic and customized feedback to enhance your manuscript. Our editors offer encouragement and support with a dose of tough love.

If you are an authorpreneur who wants to share your story and knowledge with the world, we are here for you. If you are looking for editors who are dedicated to polishing your manuscript until it shines, look no further. We also provide B2B (business to business) services such as consulting and proofreading.

As a client you will have access to our exclusive network of publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, and literary agents. Welcome.

Editing Services:
Developmental editing, Line editing, Proofreading
Fiction Genres:
Drama, Poetry
Nonfiction Genres:
Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Business, Cookbooks, Essay, DIY/how-to, Self-help
Age Levels:
Infant and toddler, Pre-K, Early elementary, Middle grade, Young adult, New adult, Adult
End Products:
books, articles, blogs, reports, presentations
Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word