Katy Grenfell

Katy Grenfell

As a storyteller, you hold the reader’s emotions in the palm of your hand.

I understand storytelling from every angle: as a reader, an editor, an actor, a performer, a director, and a producer. Let me draw on my wealth of experiences to be the driving force to help you develop the best and truest version of your story, book, script, or screenplay and send it out into the world for all to see.

Storytelling is in our nature, and we know so much of our history, both personal and societal, because of the stories we have been told. Stories are also a means of escape and a portal to imagination, allowing people to experience a multitude of lives, viewpoints, and opinions without ever leaving their homes.

As an actor, I have lived and performed as other characters, other people. As an editor, I will help you bring out the most compelling and engaging characters, and help you tell your story to the best of your ability.

The stories we tell help define who we are and expand our horizons. I’ve spent a good deal of my life telling stories as an actor, and now, as an editor, I will help you tell yours.

Whether you write short stories, novels, teleplays, screenplays, or scripts, I can help you develop the best version of your story. I will:

  • Help your characters come alive for readers. As an actor, I spent my career creating characters. As an editor I will use my abilities to help you write full, engaging characters that readers love, or love to hate!
  • Help you craft a compelling story. As a Broadway actor, I have been a part of the storytelling process from first draft to final performance. I know how to craft a story from the inside out, and I will help you tell the most engaging version of your story.
  • Help you work outside your comfort zone. Using my vast experience in storytelling, I will nudge your imagination beyond your comfort zone to reach places you never knew you had within you.
  • Help you achieve your goals as a writer. I will work with you as a coach and friend to help you meet your goals and surpass them!

I offer Developmental Editing for Fiction (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Adventure/Suspense, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Horror, YA, Comedy, True Crime, Off-the-Beaten-Track fiction), Scripts, Screenplays, and Blogs, Sensitivity Reading (fat/obese/BBW, female sexuality, sexual assault/trauma), Book Coaching, and Beta Reading (as time allows).


Katy Grenfell is the first reader on all of my work. She has a keen mind and a gentle approach to notes that always nudges my writing forward. Katy has been a part of the development process for my scripts included in: the Ethel Woolson Lab, the Palmbeach Dramaworks Festival, the Garry Marshall New Works Festival, the First Light Reading Series, the Carey Perloff Fellowship, the Tennessee Williams Festival, the Eugene O’Neill, and more. Her feedback is invaluable, and no script is complete without her input. 

– Erin Considine, Award-Winning Playwright

Editing Services:
Developmental editing
Other Services:
Author coaching, Manuscript critique
Fiction Genres:
Action/adventure, Drama, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Mythology, Poetry, Science fiction, Suspense/thriller
Nonfiction Genres:
Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Creative nonfiction, History, True crime
Age Levels:
Young adult, New adult, Adult
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Other Memberships:
ACES: The Society for Editing, Editorial Freelancers Association