Kristin Noland - Freelance Editor |Owner of Noland Editing
Noland Editing

Kristin provides high quality editing to self-publishing and traditonal publishing authors. She specializes in developmental and line editing for authors of speculative fiction. She strongly believes books change the how we see our world and our society to realize what we can do to make them better.

By providing honest constructive feedback, she will help you with the bigger picture and the finer details of making your novel shine.  She will be your partner, your coach, advocate, and cheerleader to strengthen your writing and lift your manuscript to the next level.

When developmental editing, she assesses the big-picture items of your manuscript—it's strengths and weaknesses—regarding plot, pacing, POV, style, tone and voice.

While line editing, she concentrates on smaller items like sentence variation, paragraph flow, and grammar.

She will work with you on revisions to improve the quality of your work and solidify your message to the world.

Contact her through her website or email her directly at

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