Lyn Walden, EdS, EdD, PhD

Lyn Walden, EdS, EdD, PhD
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Dr. Lyn Walden is a professional dissertation coach and editor with more than 25 years’ experience. Also, she is a statistics consultant and specializes in qualitative analysis. Writing can impose anxieties on a student when trying to meet deadlines. Time is precious, professors and instructors can be unforgiving, and the demands are endless. Dr. Walden teaches grad students and doctoral candidates in the skill of writing academic, scholarly papers. She also tutors adult students in the use of technology, the ability of online classwork, and how to master coursework.

Dr. Lyn Walden helps clients from the day they are assigned their first research assignment in college or grad school to completion of their coveted degrees. She teaches the fundamentals of APA and assists with research, content, and writing. As a published author, she helps with theses, capstones, executive summaries, research papers, and dissertations. Dr. Walden is skilled in all phases of the dissertation process from the beginning to the final edit and oral defense. She stands beside motivated clients every step of the way from a novice grad student to the accomplished professional

A published author, Dr. Walden holds a bachelor, a master’s, a specialist, and two terminal degrees in education and a bachelor and a master’s degree in psychology plus additional certification in history, humanities, writing, and life coaching. She is a retired public school teacher and adjunct professor. She is a member of numerous professional organizations and honor societies. She is also the proud grandmother of two granddaughters–one at Brown University and the other at University of California at Berkeley Dr. Walden lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her menagerie of two elderly Maine Coon cats, a Chihuahua Pug, and a Brussels Griffon.

Editing Services: Line editing, Proofreading, Technical
Writing Services: Academic, Fiction, Ghostwriting, Journal, Magazine, Newsletter, Nonfiction, Rewriting, Script, Technical and instructional, Web
Other Services: Author coaching, Content review, Fact-checking, Interviewing, Layout, Manuscript critique, Permissions, Query, proposal, and/or submission review, Research
Subjects: Over the course of her lengthy career, Dr. Lyn Walden has helped doctoral candidates write dissertations on just about every subject offered at a university: finance, mechanical engineering, nursing, education, special education and the law, business, technology, social work, psychology, counseling, hospital administration, economics, humanities, history, government, medicine, pharmacy, public health, an others.
Fiction Genres: Drama, Humor/satire
Nonfiction Genres: Academic, Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Business, Essay, History, Reference
Age Levels: Young adult, New adult, Adult
End Products: When a doctoral candidate submits a dissertation to committee, that long paper must be as close to perfect as is humanly possible in content, APA formatting, grammar, punctuation, and style. As an experienced dissertation coach and editor, Dr. Lyn Walden helps her clients receive approval for their dissertations. Although she cannot promise a particular grade or approval, she will help clients pass the scrutiny of their chairs, committee members, and dean’s reviewers, including formal editors. Every client who has stayed with Dr. Walden through the dissertation maze has completed his or her coveted degree and passed oral defense.
Style Manuals: American Psychological Association (APA)
Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word