Molly McCowan
Inkbot Editing

If you are:

  • Serious about being a better writer
  • Constantly honing your craft
  • Open to suggestions and mentoring
  • Excited about collaborating with an expert who cares about your writing
  • Driven to help others with your writing and be a positive influence

And you are not:

  • Simply looking to throw money at your project and not be personally involved
  • Opposed to the idea of lifelong learning or bettering your writing skills
  • Writing only for yourself (with no audience in mind)

You and Molly might be the perfect match. As an accomplished developmental editor, copyeditor, book coach, and public speaker, Molly McCowan has helped authors, subject matter experts, storytellers, business owners, and adventurers take their careers—and their writing skills—to the next level.

If you dream of becoming a successful writer, even if you’re just starting out, Molly helps you create and publish work you can be proud of. Sought out by The Great Courses™ for their upcoming course on editing your own work, Molly has worked with renowned publishers like HarperCollins, Routledge, Psychology Press, Oxford University Press, and Taylor & Francis.

Nowadays, she specializes in helping indie authors make their work the best it can be and navigate the often complicated waters of traditional or self-publishing. Molly is proud to serve as events chair for the Editorial Freelancers Association. She is also the founder of the 480-member Fort Collins chapter of Shut Up & Write!™, which hosts multiple free writing sprints every week. She is an active supporter of the writing community in Northern Colorado and beyond.

Don’t navigate the complicated, confusing world of writing and publishing alone. Visit today to meet Molly and get the support you need to produce your very best work.

Inkbot Editing’s services:

  • Book coaching
  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing consulting
  • Cover design
  • Graphic design
  • Book formatting
  • Marketing for authors
  • Full-service self-publishing
  • Keynote speaking
  • Teaching and mentoring


“When I was ready for the next step in the novel-writing process, I contacted Inkbot Editing for developmental editing. Molly’s detailed, insightful, and encouraging review of my work was just what I needed. This is the best investment I’ve made in a long, long time.” —Nancy Doyle, Author

“This was my first novel. Not only was it a learning experience, it was a ‘scary-to-put-myself-out-there’ experience as well. Trust is key, and I learned right off that I could trust Molly. Implicitly. From start to finish, Molly made sure my story was the best it could be. She’s honest with you about things that do and don’t work and remains encouraging throughout the entire journey, so it was easy to forgive her when she made me kill my darlings. And Molly also really knows her stuff when it comes to the tedious things like punctuation, grammar, and the mechanics of sentences. Anyone who hires her is in great hands!” —Kim File, Author

“Working with Molly was an absolute pleasure! I contacted several editors before hiring her but she was easily the easiest to communicate with and gave the best editing sample out of all of them. Her editing work on my book was exceptional and when I finish my next one I definitely know where to go!” —AC Bloom, Author

“If you’re working on narrative nonfiction or memoir, there’s a lot of you in your writing; a lot of personality and history. You want to make sure you’re working with someone who respects that and wants to bring out the best for the reader. Molly is very skilled at helping writers find what they’re really trying to say and get it down on the page. By working with Molly early on, you line yourself up to have more success in the traditional- or self-publishing world.” —Jim Davidson, New York Times Bestselling Author

“When I first met with Molly, I had a book that had been poorly edited and the formatting, performed by a second individual, looked unprofessional and not something I could be proud of. In those beginning dark days, I was so stressed out, but Molly made me believe my book would become a reality. Molly detailed what my book needed, the steps that would be taken to correct the errors, the cost, and most importantly, that I would have a book I would be proud of. Inkbot Editing delivered that and so much more. If you need editing at any level or book-formatting services, you owe it to yourself to work with Molly! She has become my professional, and personal, friend.” —Lois Fink, Author and Public Speaker

“Molly pinpointed weaknesses in my story that no one else had been able to identify. The editorial letter she provided was thorough, but uplifting—after reading her feedback, I couldn’t wait to get started on my next round of edits. I plan on using Molly for all my editing needs from here on out!” —Jesse Mae Weiner, Author

“At different stages in writing my novel, I hired Molly for both developmental editing and copyediting. Compared to other editors’ work I’ve seen, Molly delivers the most thorough and highest quality product of all. Worth. Every. Penny. (Who knew a 2011 Ford Explorer doesn’t have a panic handle on the driver’s side? Molly knew… or took the time to find out.) When it was time for the copyedit, it was especially helpful to have had her on board early for the developmental edit. She remembered all the nuances of the earlier draft, which only enriched the quality of the copyedit. If you want the best, Molly’s the editor to hire.” —Jack Matthews, Author

“Molly is an editing genius—she’s f**king good at what she does.” —Will Swanepoel, Author

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