Nick Wiesneski

Nick Wiesneski, Technical Writer, Copy Editor

I’m a highly detail-oriented technical writer and copy editor with a 15-year track record of producing high quality written and visual communication. I leverage my language superpowers, people skills, and broad real-world knowledge to bring complex subject matter to life for the audience. As a relentless investigator I thrive on finding deep understanding to facilitate effective writing on a subject.

I live in Minnesota, in Saint Paul’s Highland Park, and enjoy finding big and small adventures with my wife and two daughters. I recharge with fresh air and exploring the great outdoors by foot, or boat, or four-wheel-drive.

Editing Services:
Copyediting, Developmental editing, Line editing, Proofreading, Technical
Writing Services:
Copywriting, Fiction, Magazine, Nonfiction, Technical and instructional, Web
Other Services:
Fact-checking, Illustration, Layout, Research, Style guide creation
3D Modeling/Rendering, Accounting, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adventure Outfitting, Aerial Photography and Imaging, Antique Photo Restoration, ArcGIS Pro, Auto Customs, Auto Mechanic, Auto Restoration, AutoCAD, Blueprints, Business Start-Ups, Business, CAD/CAM, CNC Machining, Camping, Canoeing, Carpentry, Cartography, Christian Nonfiction, Christianity, Church Administration, Coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, JavaScript), Commercial Facility Management, Computer Repair/Maintenance, Construction Drawings, DIY/How-To, Data Analytics, Decision Trees, Digital Photo Editing/Retouching, Digital Photography, Drone Pilot, Drum Corps, Drumming, Dungeons and Dragons, Electric Vehicles, Electrical (Residential), Electronics, Emergency Preparation/Survival, Engineering Shop Drawings, Engineering, Fantasy Fiction, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Firearms, Flow Charts, Fluid Mechanics, Forklift Operation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Graphic Design, HAM Radio Operator, HVAC (Residential), Handyman, Hiking, Home Audio, Home Automation, Hunting, Hybrid Vehicles, Illustration, Italian (Basic), Lathe Operation, Mac Computer Repair/Maintenance, Manufacturing Process Design, Mapmaking, Metalworking, Military, Motorcycle Maintenance, Music Criticism, Non-Profit Management, Off-Roading, Overlanding, PC Computer Building, PC Computer Repair/Maintenance, PC Gaming, PMBOK Project Management Standards, Pastoral Ministry, Percussion, Photography, Plumbing (Residential), Portuguese (Basic), Preaching, Reformed Theology, Religion, Remodeling (Residential), Role-Playing Games, Science Fiction, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sermons, Small Business Administration, Small Business Operations, Smart Home Design, Spanish (Basic), Stage Audio Production, Standard Operating Procedures, Systematic Theology, Theology, Training Manuals, Typography, User Manuals, Web Design, Web Development, Welding, Wilderness Survival, Woodworking, Worldbuilding (Fiction),
Fiction Genres:
Fantasy, Science fiction
Nonfiction Genres:
Business, DIY/how-to, History, Reference
Style Manuals:
American Psychological Association (APA), Associated Press Stylebook (AP), Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), Modern Language Association (MLA)
Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress