Board and Volunteers

The board of directors is PEN’s governing body. It oversees activities, establishes policies, and makes decisions for the organization and its members.

PEN members are welcome to approach any board member with suggestions, questions, or concerns. We all strive to make our organization the best it can be.

Renee LaPlume, Coordinator

Renee presides at board meetings, ensures that board resolutions and directives are carried out, and manages monthly meetings in coordination with the assistant coordinator.

Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson, Assistant Coordinator

Lynn works with the coordinator to plan and execute monthly meetings and manages our participation in local book festivals. She also writes for the newsletter, plans the December holiday luncheon, and helps prepare for our yearly planning meeting.

Melanie Hagge
Melanie Hagge, Treasurer

Melanie prepares the annual budget and keeps records belonging to PEN. She reports on the state of our finances at quarterly board meetings and at the annual planning meeting and manages PEN’s accounts.

Renee Nelson
Renee Nelson, Secretary

Renee receives membership payments and prepares reports of new and renewing members. She also calls special meetings when requested and takes minutes at board meetings and the annual meeting.

Amy Rea
Amy Rea, Member Registrar

Amy maintains the membership database and notifies members before their membership is due for renewal. She also keeps PEN’s records of member volunteering.

Dara Syrkin
Dara Syrkin, Mentor Liaison

Dara regularly seeks experienced members who are willing to mentor less experienced members in various aspects of freelancing. She discerns the needs of members requesting a mentor to find a good match.

Heidi Peterson
Heidi Peterson, Volunteer Liaison

Heidi finds, coordinates, and manages PEN volunteers. She keeps track of members’ interests and contacts them when opportunities arise.

Madeleine Vasaly
Madeleine Vasaly, Marketing and Social Media Liaison

Madeleine manages PEN’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Eventbrite accounts and the PEN website. She also drives overall marketing and outreach for the organization.


In addition to our board, a number of other volunteers help PEN run smoothly. Roles include:

  • working on our newsletter
  • moderating our members-only email list
  • planning monthly meetings
  • posting on PEN social media
  • staffing the PEN table at local literary events and workshops

Are you a member interested in becoming a volunteer? Email!