Brianna Burris
Propel Proofreading

Brianna is a meticulous and detail-oriented freelance proofreader with a passion for ensuring written work achieves its highest potential. With a background in childcare and international business and proficiency in both English and German, Brianna brings a unique perspective to the editing process. She is armed with key skills in Microsoft Word, American Psychological Association Style (APA), and Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). Certified by Poynter ACES and Proofread Anywhere, Brianna has honed her craft and refined her ability to catch errors that may have eluded earlier edits. Her commitment to timeliness and effective communication ensures a seamless collaboration with writers and publishers, resulting in polished final products.

Editing Services
Fiction Genres
Action/adventure, Drama, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Mythology, Romance, Science fiction, Suspense/thriller
Nonfiction Genres
Academic, Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Business, Self-help, Travel
Style Manuals
American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Docs, Microsoft Word
Other Memberships
ACES: The Society for Editing