Ethan Ray

Ethan Ray
Ethan Ray Editorial Services

As a freelance copyeditor, my job is to make your original writing as clear as it can be.

I check sentences and paragraphs for clarity, consistency, and cohesion.

I scrutinize every word and mark of punctuation in a piece of writing to make certain that it conforms to a specific style and is free from grammatical errors.

I look at every comma, apostrophe, hyphen, dash, colon, and semicolon to make sure it is used properly in context.

I begin to correct spelling where the spell-checker leaves off, spotting homonyms (they’re / their / there, threw / through, shear / sheer, seams / seems, martial / marshal, and the like) and misused or misplaced spellings (altogether / all together, into / in to, and the like).

But most of all, I make sure your words are the way you want them to be, on your terms, while preserving your vision and intent for your writing.

Editing Services:
Fiction Genres:
Action/adventure, Drama, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor/satire, Memoir, Mystery, Mythology, Romance, Science fiction, Self-help, Suspense/thriller
Nonfiction Genres:
Academic, Autobiography and memoir, Biography, Business, Creative nonfiction, Essay, Reference, Self-help, Textbooks, Travel, True crime
Age Levels:
Early elementary, Middle grade, Young adult, New adult, Adult
Style Manuals:
Associated Press Stylebook (AP), Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), Modern Language Association (MLA)
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word