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Dr. Jennifer Hill is a highly skilled academic editor with a decade-long track record in delivering comprehensive editing services tailored to the unique needs of scholars and researchers. As the founder of JH Manuscript Editing Services in May 2023, she channels her deep academic background and meticulous attention to detail into helping clients refine and perfect their manuscripts.

Having earned a PhD in Psychology in 2011, Jennifer spent three years as an adjunct professor, where she honed her skills in academic writing and research design. During this time, she also pursued her passion for editing, providing freelance services to a wide variety of clients, while also serving as a research assistant for Dr. Rosemarie Anderson and Dr. Ryan Rominger, whose works she greatly contributed to. Her work with Dr. Anderson, a leader in the field of transpersonal studies, culminated in her acknowledgement in the seminal book, "Transforming Self and Others Through Research," testament to Jennifer's invaluable editing contributions.

In 2023, Jennifer edited the much-anticipated book, "The Way of Love: Towards an Islamic Psychology of Virtue and Character Development," scheduled for publication in the fall. Her meticulous editing and deep understanding of the academic field have been instrumental in shaping this significant work.

Recognizing her expertise, Sofia University added Jennifer to their approved list of editors for dissertations in June 2023. She now offers contracted editing services to students preparing to submit their dissertations, specializing in transpersonal studies and psychology. However, her services extend beyond these fields as she aims to establish herself as an interdisciplinary editor in the transpersonal niche.

Jennifer's business, JH Manuscript Editing Services, provides a comprehensive suite of editing services, ensuring that clients' work communicates its full potential. Her website houses a portfolio of her work, detailed descriptions of the various levels of editing she provides, and an intuitive system for booking calls and requesting a free manuscript evaluation and quote.

Recently, Pacifica University recognized Jennifer's talent and added her to their approved editors list. Her commitment to quality, integrity, and scholarly excellence makes her a valued resource in the academic community. Furthermore, her ongoing engagement with audiences through social media and her informative blog highlights her dedication to sharing knowledge and supporting researchers in their academic journeys.

For professional, meticulous, and transformational editing services, choose Jennifer Hill and experience the exceptional quality that comes from a decade of expertise in academic editing.

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