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Primary services: copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing (academic writing, fantasy, sci-fi), topic consultation (linguistics, conlangs, social media slang), and writing

I am a linguist-turned-editor here to help you bring your world to life, polish your writing, and craft a well-rounded final product. I have a passion for language—as evidenced by my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Minnesota—and for helping others reach their highest potential with their writing. My technical linguistic background gives me unique insight into the mechanics of English to supplement my experience with copyediting and proofreading. I am also a strong proponent of sociolinguistic justice and aim to use my role as editor to work toward linguistic equity, whether that be through championing the use of colloquial or nonstandard linguistic varieties, helping writers portray languages and dialects accurately and without bias, or encouraging everyone to think critically about where linguistic "rules" come from and why we follow them. I offer a wide range of services, from affordable editing to expert consultation, and I would love to help you bring your next piece of writing to life!


Editing: From developmental editing to help you see the big picture, to line editing and copyediting to help you polish your manuscript and let your writing shine, to proofreading final drafts to catch every last detail, I offer a variety of affordable editing services. My primary experience is in adult and young-adult fantasy and sci-fi novels and in academic writing (essays, theses, dissertations), but I can proofread any text from technical business copy to blog posts!

Language consulting: For fantasy and sci-fi writers, I offer linguistic consultation to help you develop the language of your world, whether it be making sure the few words/names you scatter throughout are consistent and believable or whether you want to develop an entire invented/constructed language—or anything in between! For all types of fiction and non-fiction, I offer linguistic consultation and fact-checking to make sure your discussion of modern or historical languages is accurate, culturally sensitive, and appropriate. I also offer consultation on the use of conscious language in general (though you should consult a specialist for specific categories of sensitive language) and on language as a tool for social justice.

Social media consulting: Having written a dissertation on the language of social media, I have both a personal and scientifically informed understanding of the nuances of how people write on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Discord, text messages, and more! Whether you need to include accurate samples of social media conversations in your novel without making young people cringe or whether you want to produce more natural-sounding social media posts, I offer consultation in current trends in slang, spelling, typography, emoji, tags, liking, memes, and all the diverse ways people interact and communicate online.

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Action/adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction
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