Melanie Hagge

(763) 229-3247

UNFORTUNATELY, I AM CURRENTLY UNABLE TO ACCEPT NEW PROJECTS/CLIENTS. However, I am always happy to answer questions. I’ve copyedited and coded many manuscripts, from ESL workbooks to an oil field text; on topics ranging from veterinary medicine, maternity nursing, cytology, psychology, history, and political science to training and software manuals and cookbooks. And last, but not least, I’ve gained a great deal of experience over the last 16 years, serving as a proofreader/copyeditor for advertising collateral. I’m a quick learner and detail- and deadline-oriented. I am interested and experienced in many topics not listed here

Editing Services:
Copyediting, Production, Proofreading, Series
Other Services:
Coding/Preparing Manuscripts for Compositor; Reformatting reference sections to fit styles such as AMA, APA, etc. Preparing client style guides/sheets
advertising collateral, medical, sciences, nursing, cooking, history, psychology, political science, ESL, websites
End Products:
High school- and college-level textbooks, series, manuals, cookbooks, advertising collateral, website content and many more
Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word