Scott Pearson

Yeahsure Editorial Services

I worked on nonfiction books for Quarto Publishing for ten years, starting as a copyeditor, eventually becoming an acquiring editor, specializing in military and aerospace history. As a freelancer, I’ve focused on fiction, and have done nearly monthly copyediting for Simon & Schuster since July 2014 (primarily Star Trek novels) and Baen Books (primarily military sci-fi) since April 2017. I have worked with Zenith City Press, a history publisher out of Duluth, on fifteen books and counting, and several other regional nonfiction presses, as well as a number of independent authors of both fiction and nonfiction.

Editing Services:
Copyediting, Proofreading
Writing Services:
Books, Fiction, Magazine, Nonfiction
Fiction specializing in science fiction and mystery genres as well as literary fiction. Historical nonfiction specializing in aerospace, military history, and regional history.
Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word