Fiction Editor, Shelley Routledge
The Book Editorial Expert

Hi, I'm Shelley, and over my 14-year journey of being a developmental fiction editor, I've had the pleasure of turning rough drafts into polished novels by internationally successful authors such as Sarah Naughton, June Taylor, Ruth Ware, Emma Haughton, Kim Slater, Rupert Wallis, Lara Williamson and many more. I am particularly passionate about working with YA, Women's fiction, literary fiction and all genre thrillers. Before going freelance, I worked for a top literary agent, and as a result know all the insider tips and tricks that can gain first time authors publishing deals.

I take a holistic approach to developmental editing, so that the bigger picture elements are considered alongside the nuance of each and every word and line. I focus on the commercial potential and saleability of a manuscript whilst maintaining and respecting the authorial voice. I am a friendly, warm professional, who will edit your novel with the utmost care and sensitivity. I can guarantee that it will be in a safe and very creative pair of hands.

Here's a quick glimpse of what I'll be diving into:

First fifty pages or three chapters – Do they hook the reader? Is there rust on the hook?

Voice – Does it captivate the reader and keep them engaged? Is it authentic and believable?

Pacing and plot – Is it consistent? How does it ebb and flow?

Protagonist’s journey and rite of passage – How has it been defined?

Denouement – Is it satisfying? How does it connect to the beginning?

Market Placement – Lit agent or self-publishing? Are there new disruptive platforms to explore?

Overall, my aim is to assist you in your creative writing journey by bringing out all the strengths in your novel, whilst objectively showing you how to address the weaknesses.

Beyond my experience in developmental fiction editing, I hold an array of qualifications, including a BA in Classics, an MA in literature and a Post Graduate Diploma in digital journalism.

I'm a perpetual learner, constantly training with editorial organisations worldwide, such as PEN, ACES, EFA, and CIEP, and I am listed on their directories. as a qualified and verified editor. This means I've got much insight and knowledge in narrative structure, voice, POV, plot, character, tone, and all those nitty-gritty literary techniques.

So, if you're ready to improve your manuscript into something you can be proud of, let's chat.

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Copyediting, Developmental editing, Line editing, Proofreading, Series, Substantive
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Action/adventure, Drama, Historical, Humor/satire, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller
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