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Editing Outside Your Own Experience

Editors often take pride in being generalists, able to polish any text without being experts in its content. Yet when a work conveys the writer’s identity and/or experience, a careless query or “standard” edit might change meaning or even imply an insult.

For our February meeting, we’re thrilled to host Alex Kapitan of Radical Copyeditor for a discussion of conscious/inclusive language best practices for editors: what it is to be a conscious editor, how this outlook can improve your work, and tips for incorporating conscious language into your editing.

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February 8, 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Online Event


  • Alex Kapitan
    Alex Kapitan
    Radical Copyeditor

    Alex Kapitan is a trainer, speaker, consultant, editor, and activist who left the world of nonfiction book publishing to start Radical Copyeditor, an antioppressive language project. Alex works with clients as varied as publishing houses, academic journals, activist organizations, museums, and media companies, helping people align their words with their values with regards to race, class, dis/ability, sexuality, gender, religion, and more.