Interact with PEN Online


PENlist was the precursor to PENchat. We administered it through Yahoo Groups until 2019, when Yahoo announced it would be discontinuing most of the service’s features. PEN’s board decided to make the move to, an open-source alternative, at which time we also changed the group’s name to PENchat.

All PEN members who were subscribed to PENlist at the time of the move in November 2019 were sent an invitation to join PENchat. If you were subscribed to PENlist but believe you did not receive a PENchat email, contact to request that your invitation be re-sent.

If you were a PEN member prior to this move but did NOT subscribe to PENlist and would now like to subscribe to PENchat, enter the email address PEN has on file for you below. (Subscription requests from other addresses will not be approved. For information on changing your contact email, click here.)

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