Past Meeting Topics

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2020–2021 Season

  • Digital Proofreading Optimized
  • Defeating Imposter Syndrome in Your Editing Practice
  • Editing Memoir
  • Developmental Editing
  • Identifying Knowledge Gaps in Your Editing
  • Book Distribution for Self-Publishing Authors
  • Editing Poetry
  • What Is Book Coaching?

2019–2020 Season

  • Project Pitfalls
  • Not My Day Job
  • Exploring Specialized Style Guide
  • Creating Effective Style Sheets
  • How to Help Your Author Get an Agent
  • Career Development and Professional Goals for Freelancers
  • Educational Opportunities for Editors
  • Networking at a Distance

2018–2019 Season

  • Spreadsheet Magic
  • Boundary Issues in Editing
  • Marketing for Small Businesses
  • More Work, Less Talk
  • Tips and Tricks of Fact Checking
  • Inclusive Language and Avoiding Bias
  • Harnessing the Power of Word Macros