A phone with the Twitter logo on the screen, with a blurry Twitter timeline in the background

Making Twitter Work for You

Does Twitter make you twitchy and overwhelmed? Having a hard time gathering followers? Do hashtags make your head swim? Join us for a discussion where our panelists will help us understand how to make Twitter work for us, not against us!

Twitter can be an excellent tool for growing your brand and business, but many people find the ins and outs of the platform daunting. Editors Michelle Lowery, Dave Nelson, and Madeleine Vasaly will help us navigate through using the social media platform to gain an audience, network with people, and create excellent and engaging content for your followers. Learn about using Twitter in strategic and fun ways to grow your audience and connect with people.

Registration closes two hours before the start of the meeting. Nonmembers may attend up to two free Professional Editors Network meetings before becoming a member. Learn more at pensite.org/join.

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September 14, 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Online Event


  • Dave Nelsen
    Dave Nelsen

    Dave Nelsen is a copyeditor and proofreader specializing in nonfiction. He began his freelance editing business, the Grammar Geek, in 2009. These days, he continues to operate the Grammar Geek while also working as an editor and writer for Dragonfly Editorial. Most of all, Dave enjoys making corporate-speak more understandable.

  • Madeleine Vasaly
    Madeleine Vasaly

    Madeleine Vasaly is an independent editor who works with publishers, writers, packagers, nonprofits, creative agencies, and anyone else who deals with words. She is also the marketing and social media liaison for the Professional Editors Network and the co-head and senior editor of the nonprofit news and culture website Twin Cities Geek and has managed or comanaged social media for both organizations.

  • Michelle Lowery
    Michelle Lowery

    Michelle Lowery is a digital content editor and SEO consultant and educator specializing in on-page optimization and affiliate marketing. She’s the author of one editing book and is writing her first cozy novel. When she’s not working, she’s tending a pollinator garden in her backyard, reading, playing with her dog, or trying a new taco joint in her home city of San Antonio, Texas.