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Reframing the Way We Network: A Practical Approach for Freelance Editors

Though networking may seem like an unwieldy, overwhelming task, especially for freelancers, this presentation will show that building the network you need and want is completely within your power. Brittany Dowdle and Linda Ruggeri will help you plan your steps to create a network that is uniquely yours, based on your goals and networking style. This presentation is for editors, proofreaders, indexers, fact-checkers, translators, writers, and anyone else pursuing a freelance career in the publishing industry.

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March 8, 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


  • Brittany Dowdle
    Brittany Dowdle
    Word Cat Editorial Services

    Brittany Dowdle is a freelance editor with over ten years’ experience in the publishing industry. She has edited the work of best-selling traditionally published authors, award-winning indie authors, and best-selling international authors.

    Brittany graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Georgia with a degree in English. She is a founding member of the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Diversity Initiative and helped design the Welcome Program, acting as its codirector in 2019–2020.

    Brittany lives in the north Georgia mountains with her adventurous husband, their three cats, eight chickens, and many wild neighbors of the four-legged variety. When she’s not editing, writing, or exploring in the woods, Brittany may be found reading a book in a patch of sunshine.

  • Linda Ruggeri
    Linda Ruggeri
    The Insightful Editor

    Linda Ruggeri is a freelance nonfiction editor, writer, and authenticity reader (Spanish/Italian) with a degree in communications and fine arts from Loyola Marymount University. Born to immigrant parents in Los Angeles, Linda is Latinx and a first-generation American. She loves to travel and has lived in Córdoba (Argentina), Naples and Salerno (Italy), Windsor (Canada), Green Lake (Wisconsin), and Torrance (California).

    Linda runs the Mentorship Program for PEN as well as the Welcome Program for the Editorial Freelancers Association. Besides being an editor, Linda is an avid urban gardener and baker, a writer, and a mom and would gladly trade any night out for a good nonfiction book and sleeping bag in her treehouse.